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Container Shipments

Oceane Marine proudly offers container services with the following steamship lines: ACL (Grimaldi), MSC, Maersk, CMA (Delmas), OOCL and Cosco.

Container Shipping Process

  1. When you are ready to begin shipping you will need to complete our booking request form (in container document section below) and send copies of the following: down payment receipt, front/back of vehicle titles (if shipping vehicles). *Down payment instructions are found at the bottom of booking request form.*

  2. Once you send the above listed items to us, we will send you a booking confirmation that lists the booking number you will give to your trucker to bring you the empty container to load.**if we are assisting with title clearance we will need you to FEDEX us the original titles prior to you loading the container.** The booking confirmation will also list the vessel earliest return date, documentation cutoff date, and port cut/validated title cutoff date.

  3. Once we see an empty container has been brought to you, we will send you several forms you will need to complete in order for us to create you a dock receipt and proof B/L. *Please look over these documents and notify us of any errors at least 48 hours prior to vessel sailing date.* You will give your dock receipt to the trucker to return the loaded container back to the port.

  4. Once the container is gated into the port and customs has cleared your titles (if applicable) your container will be set to sail. Once the container sails, we will send you your final invoice and the Oceane Marine bills of lading.

  5. During the shipment you can track your container using the booking number. You can click on the steamship line you shipped with under the "Container Tracking" section on the left of this page. This will bring you to the page where your shipment can be tracked.

  6. Prior to arrival at final destination, you will need to pay the balance of your container so that we can issue the Telex Release (electronic release) for you to pickup container. *Should you want the original bills of lading (paper copy) instead of the Telex, please tell us this at time of booking as these will be mailed to the US address you provided on the booking request form.

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Container Tracking

Container Documents

Booking Request Form

Complete this form to make a container booking

Boston LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via Boston, MA

Charleston LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via Charleston, SC


How to apply for an EIN number

Jacksonville LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via Jacksonville, FL

Los Angeles  LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via Los Angeles, CA

New Orleans LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via New Orleans, LA

Oakland LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via Oakland, CA

Ports of Call

Container Ports of Call

Power of Attorney

Needed in certain shipments

Terms and Cond

Back of the OMS Bill of Lading

Savannah LOI

Letter of Intent needed to ship cars via Savannah, GA


List of trucking companies that can be used

Validated Title Info

Info on clearing car titles

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