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Trucking & Title Clearance

Container Trucking

If you do not already have a trucker, you can search for one using In certain regions we may also be able to provide you with contact details for trucking companies.

RoRo Trucking

Our RoRo department can arrange pickup and drop off at the port. We will list your vehicle on a website till a driver calls with the availability to take your vehicle.

Container Title Clearance

Below is a list of ports the container department can assistance with the title clearance for a $200 fee.

  1. All shipments using the Rail service

  2. Boston

  3. Charleston

  4. Houston

  5. Los Angeles

  6. New York

  7. Savannah

*If shipping via Baltimore you will give the original titles to your trucker to clear***

**Prior to mailing us your titles (via FedEx), please email us copies of the front and back of all titles so we can ensure all is correct.**

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