Trucking & Title Clearance

Container Trucking

If you do not already have a trucker, our container department can request a quote from a trucking company for you. *Please note in certain areas we will recommend a driver to you arrange your own trucking.

RoRo Trucking

Our RoRo department can arrange pickup and drop off at the port. We will list your vehicle on a website till a driver calls with the availability to take your vehicle.

Container Title Clearance

Below is a list of ports the container department can assistance with the title clearance for a $200 fee.

  1. All shipments using the Rail service

  2. Boston

  3. Charleston

  4. New York

  5. Savannah

*If shipping via Baltimore you will give the original titles to your trucker to clear***

**Prior to mailing us your titles (via FedEx), please email us copies of the front and back of all titles so we can ensure all is correct.**